Demand Dammits

Rank Novice
Power Points 1 – 4
Range 1 Yort (mile)
Duration Instant
Usable by Dammit Binders
Trappings A ring of translucent fire emanates from the caster and spreads outward.
Field Notes The number of Hot Dammits that respond to the call depends on where the zazzing happens and how many power points are used.

Location indicates the type of die to roll

  • Normal Location Roll 1d4
  • Location with extinct or dormant volcanoes Roll 1d6
  • Location with active volcanos Roll 1d8
  • Bottom Saloo Roll 1d10

Power Points indicate the negative modifier to the roll

  • 1 Power Point subtract 8
  • 2 Powers Points subtract 6
  • 3 Power Points subtract 4
  • 4 Power Points subtract 2
Reported By Kaptin Phyllin MacKrakin