Conjure Necco-Dracco

Rank Legeondary
Power Points 20
Range N/A
Duration 1 day + Special
Usable by Neccomancers
Tarppings Necklace of candy beads, sugary pink aura around caster. Several bags of sugar.
Field Notes The summoning of a Necco-Draco begins with several dedicated Neccomancers traveling to the surface of Oith, to look into the TRUE Necconomicon. This means that only the most devoted and the bravest Dorks of Legendary rank ever risk this journey.

The summoned or created Necco-Draco stays for 1 day per 20 PP spent by caster. When it leaves, it consumes all the casting materials. The PP spent for the Necco-Draco can be spent at 1 day intervals.
See critter section for stats on Necco-Draco.

Reported By Zlozz Kirpanksi