Zlozz Kirpanksi’s Journal – Day 9

We have arrived at Bucket, and my first task was to find a curative for motion sickness. While I have found a work around for the traveling by slog schooner, I have been informed by Phyllis that there will be a water leg of this journey. I doubt I will be able to get off and on the ship as easily or healthily as I can embark and disembark a slog schooner. After perusing a wide selection of ointments, rub-on’s, salves, inhalents, all rather gender specific and claiming to make you “Long and Strong” or “Last longer” (which was tempting, because who wouldn’t want to go longer without being violently ill) I found a small package called “Madam F’zzzTh’zzzzW’zzz’s miracle cure all”

“Holy crap” I thought to myself, “With so many z’s it has to work!” and asked the shop keep about making the purchase. It turned out she was a funguy and Madam F’zzzTh’zzzzW’zzzz herself.

She gave me what she called a good deal for several pills, “because of my amazingly lifelike hat hair.” At which Bertram expelled wind, noisesomely.

I hope I have enough pills to last the trip in the ship. If not things could get messy, for everyone.