Zlozz Kirpanksi’s Journal – Day 8

Slog schooners may not be so bad. You can rest comfortably at night, when it is stationary, and during the day when nausea becomes to great it is possible to have the crew lower a ladder down to the ground and you can take a spell walking, yes walking, next to it. Or behind it.

I am finding some of the most interesting flattened fecal samples, as well as quite a few flattened native species of Oith. After many MANY yorts can I really call myself a native Oithling? Oh well, a subject for another time. I had crunchy bring down a few bottles whenever I found a specimen I liked, or he felt peckish.

There was one incident on the first leg of the journey, off in the distance another slog schooner was sited. Being hospitable I waved to it while the other passengers all clambered up the rope ladders. The other schooner got no closer and slogged away, but I received a stern talking to from the captain. Can you believe there is PIRACY this close to Floom and Bucket. In Floom and Bucket I grant you piracy is rampant, but I never thought I would see the tell-tale pirate flag the “Hungry Regginald” (A skull with crossed sporks behind it).