Zlozz Kirpanksi’s Journal – Day 6

Today has been a day of exciting and terrible discoveries. Most importantly I learned that though I have a far superior and efficent digestive tract, I get sea sick far easier than the poo eater. I guess that isn’t fair, but I do dislike this queasy sensation.

After arriving at the slog schooner it seemed that there may not be a trip after all. Some of the Captains crew seems to have switched ships, but after Phyllis asked her a few questions, he returned with a new crew for her. He is quite impressive with his ability to muster up new peeps quickly.

This is to be my first trip on a slog schooner. They are frickin’ slogs with masts and riggings permanently bolted on to there massive bodies. Whether is is potent Zazz that allows a slog to get that big or just dumb luck to find one without having it crush you i don’t know.

The captains name is Griff Plomp, which is an odd name for a female Funguy. (or should they be called Fungals?) Either way my limited experience with them has led to almost no understanding of their excretory system, and Griff was unwilling to discuss such matters. At some point in the future I will need to study one. Captain Griff seems like a genial enough person, though when she notices me she leaves wide berth.

Our wagon and 2 smaller slogs were loaded onto the Slog Schooner, and we were set out for adventure.