Zlozz Kirpanksi’s Journal – Day 5

For a muck eater, Crunchy can make a good spread. I had the evening repast with the entire Shell clan, and reviewed everything for the upcoming trip. Crunchy assures me we have enough grub to last the entire trip, and on my part, Phyllis seems a strong sort, and I am sure he will provide excellent protection while we while away our time discovering new species and new feces.

We left early to meet Phyllis with our wagon and group in tow. Phyllis was conversing with a werm whom only wishes to be known as “Angry Gangter” whatever that is, he seems another rough sort. They also have with them what seems to be a retarded pile named Bill. Bill doesn’t say much, but he does what Phyllis says, and that is good enough.

Once I have met the captain, and she has shown myself, Crunchy and the others to our cabins, I am sure we will be off for a pleasant, uneventful trip to Buttons Up.