Zlozz Kirpanksi’s Journal – Day 4

After some convincing I was able to convince Crusty Shell to come with us on the expedition to the Underwhere. All was not as could be hoped, Crusty was only able to wrangle up another supply wagon, wagon team, and his wife would only allow him to bring two of his older ilk.

Phyllis says that with they should be able to leave on this worthwhile scientific expedition soon, and was not nearly as perturbed as I fear when I brought Crunchy to meet him. Phyllis seemed overjoyed to have the extra hands. Maybe my first impression of Phyllis was wrong. He seems to be an amiable enough chap, and not near as fearsome as he first appeared.

I have put Crusty in charge of filling supplying a sufficient supply of what I would deem foodstuffs (unlike last time, but I will not speak of it hear) as well as sample jars, bags, bladders, sketching books, and cutlery.

Bertram has become complacent with his place upon my brow, and emits the most flamboyant erruptations from his regions. He truly is a remarkable pet.