Phyllin MacKrakin’s Journal – Day 9

Me n Zlozz chatted way inter the night, swappin stories till the wee hours. We’ll be lookin ter recruitin more members and settin up chapter houses in major cities acrost tha Oith.

This is gonna cost a good bunch ‘o clams. Hopefully we have an opportunity ter set up some kind ‘o relationship with the Crunchy Ones (iffin’ we kin finds um!)

Thar Kaptin let me stand watch with her terday. We spotted some blokes pacin thar Down Under. Kaptin says bertween Floom ‘n Bucket twern’t really a concern. Com Portsward ‘o Floom we needs ter pay more attention ter them. If we’re goin ter run inter Price-O-Corns, It’ll be betwixt Floom ‘n thar Speculum.