Phyllin MacKrakin’s Journal – Day 8

We travelled Wholewence from Floom, through a couple of yorts of farmland and marsh before making a portward yaw towards Bucket.With the farms to our aftquarters, we moved out smoothly onto the boulder strewn drag. This effluvial of the ages past, daunting to navigate by more pedantic means presented hardly a care to the great land beast and its conveyance! We travelled on another dozen yorts as the sun set in the distance.

Kaptin Gr’fz’q’lomp signaled the crew ter make ready fer nightfall and Aye gathered me flock ‘o dreck ‘n bother ‘n renewed thar spells ter keep ‘um animate fer another day. She bade me have them assist thar crew with passin down thar vittles she eats ‘n travellin her flank to curry out brambles, trees and what-not they was unable ter clear her path afor she trampled um. I found the workings of the rig ‘n her crew fascinatin’ and vowed ter meself ter spend more time learnin’ the ways of runnin such a fine vessel!

With the beast anchored and the more interestin’ aspects of her managment done fer tha day, as the crew scuttled aboot on more mundane tasks, I repaired ter the galley ter git some grub. Me companion Zlozz has been swearin’ up an down an’ esposing the virtuosity o’ his companion’s culinary prowess, so thar cook done let ‘im har a go at makin’ thar evenin’ slop. Unfortunately (much ter the crew’s consternation), his idea of culinary excellence involves poop…

After convincin’ thar crew NOT ter keel haul the pair, we sat down ter talk aboot thar life of an Underwhere Explorer. Havin’ so many things in common, it occured ter us we should organize ter take advantage of each other’s knowledge an experience. Hence the Mutha Oith Underwhere Explorer’s Societe’ is born!