Phyllin MacKrakin’s Journal – Day 7

Thar Thundarr Down under, a beaut o a vessel with two spars holdin’ her riggings. The wee Contanimants could be seen scurryin here ‘n thar totin, polishin and all aroun’ bein useful.

Willy Pete brought round thar Slog Sled an we hoisted ‘er up onboard. I coulda sworn I sawr a couple of Croachlings scurry out from unner tha tarp, but when I looked askance at Mistar Shell; however he suddenly became absorbed in tyin’ his shoes…

Ms Gr’fz’q’lomp was so endeared ter me due in no small part ter me scuttlin’ Fecks, nor me Award Winnin’ Personality, Tha she was kind enuff ter invites me up ter that wheel house fer cast off.

High above thar deck, she was a callin out orders ter tha crew through an ingenious system of pipes that took ‘er voice, amplified it and directed it ter different stations so as each crewbie’s efforts could be organized.

Tha fine ship cut awa from thar docks following the First Bait a swinging out a fore and on into the wilds!