Phyllin MacKrakin’s Journal – Day 6

Willy Pete came out a right sight thar be true, boot I think ‘ll come through in a pinch! Not much on conversation, he carries stuff right nicely. ‘es got some dandy dagger claws (fer personal protection – My person). Aye put ‘im to work. Had Willy Pete drive thar Slog Sled o’er ter tha Schooner docks.

Met up with Kaptin Gr’fz’q’lomp – a wee sprite ‘o Fungal lovilieness! She seemed a might piqued so as I asks her what be thar troubles? She lets me know another Sloop broke moorings jus that morn and made off with a half dozen o’er crew! Aye offered ter helps her out an set right off fer the middens behind the Slog breedin’ pens. Bit ‘o Zazz later and aye senr a passel ‘o Wus and Fecks ter helps her out. Not too bright, but loyal (at least until day break) an quick ter task!