Phyllin MacKrakin’s Journal – Day 13

Today we heaved to at thar Speculum! Thar mighty (crumbling) edifice spanning thar Bunn’s Crack. Kaptin says we be restin’ up afore we navigate thar Speculum.

Spent the rest o’ thar day with thar Kaptin a learnin’ bout Slog husbandry. Thar Thundarr has many o’ thar same needs as ‘er smaller cousins, but onna much grander scale!

As aye gots a wee bit o’ extra time ter put me word ter pen, I figure I’d outline the crew positions onna Slog Schooner fer the benefit o’ me readers (of which I be sure thar be many!).

Its Thar Kaptin’s vessel. She gives thar orders, everyone else hops ter figurin’ out how ter fullfill ‘um. She manages day ter day operashins o’ that boat an sees to plannin’ both tactical an strategic.

Steersman drives the beast usin’ a combination o’ redushin gearin’ hooked ter great chains afixed aroun’ thar beast’s neck as well as a wheel n’ pully system that places the First Bait in thar direction thar Kaptin wants thar beast ter go in.

First Bait has a very important job. They has ter fit in the suit! A special suit bearin’ all matter o’ sparkly bits, streamers, pin wheels n’ such all of which helps thar First Bait catch thar attenshin o’ thar Great Slog. They waves thar hands n’ feet an such ter try an’ gets thar beast ter chase um. This be one o’ thar ways o’ fine steerin’ o thar vessel.

Schleps well, they be doin all thar liftin’ and movin an cleanin Slog poop an’ such.