Phyllin MacKrakin’s Journal – Day 12

Though the day’s travels were uneventful, Kaptin’s intuition’s were dead on. They struck while the crew was feedin the Thundarr.

They came in low out of thar settin’ sun, playin’ a weird melody – LOUD. Scared the hell outta’ thar crew.

With most o’ thar crew routed, it was left ter thar Mutha Oith Underwhere Explorer’s Societe’ an me contanimants!

Thar price-o-corns, mostly Horcs with a disgruntled Werm er two thrown intar thar mix, rode a mix o’ various mounts. They rode down thar crew who’r ashore and swarmed up thar gangway.

I actervated me Dammit hammer and waved Bif forward. We wadded in, an busted heads! From what I could see, Zlozz opend a can o’ Zazz whoop ass!

We routed thar buggers an’ sent um packin’! We’ll be pullin’ up the gangway aftar gettin’ what o’ thar crew is still aboot.