Phyllin MacKrakin’s Journal – Day 11

Sufferin’ from a wee bout ‘o shore leave this mornin. Took longer than usual ter whip up a bunch o’ contanimants, but with a few false starts, got ‘um werking the docks an loadin’ up thar Thundarr. Shortly aftar we weighed anchor and headed out portswards fer the Speculum. Three days travel should see us thar.

This evenin’ aftar droppin anchor and seein’ ter tha beast’s needs, met up with Zlozz and Crunchy an we chatted more aboot thar Societe’.

We decided thar would be a Chapter House in every decent sized town. Zlozz would be Chapter Master in Floom, I’ll take Bottom Saloo. Crunchy is not wuite sure yet – he needs to make sure o’ someplace with an ample supply o’ …. crap…

Watch reported in from thar Crows Nest – sighted some movement out on thar edge o thar watch fires. Couldn’t quite make it out. Kaptin’ seems a bit nervous. She called all the watch back on board an’ we raised the gang planks. We shall see what we shall see.