Phyllin MacKrakin’s Journal – Day 10

We set a brisk pace this morn, and for mid-day saw the Stone Battlements of Bucket in the distance. The Keisternaught’s rode out to escort us in, thar land fish swathed in colorful panopy!

We eased the Thundarr up along the walls and dropped anchor. As thar crew started offloadin cargo thar were Bucket bound, thar Kaptin waved me over.

“Yer’ve a real talent fer thar Slog Schooner”, she tells me.

“Should yer wish I’ll take yer ter thar union hall an’ we kin register yer as me apprentice. Serves me an’ thar ship an’ by the time we reach Bottom Salloo Ye’ll have yer Kaptin’s papers!’

I jumped at the chance – Masterin’ thar mighty vessels appealed ter me more than a bit!

We strode through the streets of Bucket, the Kaptin’s fancy hat buying us a clear path through the throngs (‘course coulda had sumpthin ter do with Bif an his sword), an we made our way ter an ancient edifice formed in a great galvanized pail (A bucket, in Bucket – who’d ‘er thought?)

Inside the clerk-croach opened a great hide bound book where thar Kaptin wrote me name an’ made her mark. Than the clerk-croach sworn me in ter Ply the surface an safely see me passengers, crew ‘n cargo from port ter port.

An I made my mark beside thar Kaptin’s own.

Fer the mere price ‘o every last clam in me clam purse (The clerk croach had an uncanny ability ter rattle off the contents just seein’ me pull it out) I was presented with me Journypeep’s papers (‘n a souvenir photo – suitable fer framin’!)