What is the Whole Hole?


The Whole Hole?

That’s right, the Whole Hole. As in The Entire Festering Dungpile. The Complete Crudpuddle. The Undiminished Dive. The Consolidated Crack. The whole goosin’ glob. It’s what we, as Whole Hole gadabouts, dedicate our lives (or at least our leisure time) to exploring.

Despite her numerous faults and flaws, Mutha Oith is a pretty snazzy place to live (besides, it’s not like we have much of a choice in the matter) with more crevices, cracks, crannies, and deep, dark, dripping, danknesses to investigate than Amanuensis the Septapod (you’d have to know her). With such a wonky mess of jazz to explore it’s no wonder a bunch of gadabouts eventually decided to start writing some stuff down. Witness the birth of the cleverly homophonous The Whole Hole, an actual series of for-realsies books, logs, and guides to the various digs, critters, peeps, and happenings of the whole hole.


The very first volume, written by celebrated gadabout Toucanacondor Flaminguez, described the realm of Keister Island and surrounding environs. It’s an unmitigated work of creative genius (so I’ve been told) and the foundation upon which all further tomes of the sort are based. Of course, there are way too many gadabouts traipsing the glob with way too many experiences for us to adequately reproduce in printed form (despite modern scribbling techniques and the recent invention of the zazzular print squisher). That’s where the Suppository of Knowledge becomes a relevant topic of discussion…



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