Suppository Overview

SuppositoryTwo-whiteArticles contained within The Whole Hole Suppository of Knowledge are organized according to various categories and associations. Being social entities intent upon propagation and popular dispersal (most of them anyway), many entries belong to multiple categories. Here, for the edification of the inquisitive, are descriptions of the various parent categories and their larvae.


Arts: Arts and farts depicting the jazz and snazz of Mutha Oith.
Illustrations: Anything with a picture can squiggle into this category.
Maps: You probably know what maps are.

Beasts: Plop the snot on all sorts of monsters, critters, beasts, and varmints!

Digs: Places, dwellings, lairs, lands, environs, and other such suchnesses.

Duds: Articles about clothing and fashion. Post your Low Life cosplay images here! 

Exploits: Adventures, one-sheets, dangly bits, and daring-dos and do-nots.
Adventures: Longer, more detailed Low Life adventures.
Dangly Bits: Short adventure hooks, rumors, and concepts.
One-Sheets: One or two page Low Life Adventures.

Grub: Scribble down some of the recipes and unique vittles you’ve snarfed while wandering the glob.

Holy Crap: The lowdown on Oith’s religions, faiths, cults, and other synonyms for that word. Supplemental material for the upcoming book of the same name.

Jazz: Items, equipment, toys, and baubles. Things you can spend clams on, usually.

Mobs: These are various clubs, groups, and associations to which gadabouts may belong. Each has its own goals, motives, and area of expertise.
The Mutha Oith Maritime Explorers Societe’: The Big Drink, the smaller Drinks, and the jazz that happens there.
The Mutha Oith Overland Explorers Societe’: Explorations across the glob. The surface of it anyway…
The Mutha Oith Underwhere Explorers Societe’: The dark on the Dark. Stuff that happens where the sun don’t shine.

Official Nooz: Official updates about this site (out of character).

Peeps: The people in your neighborhood (also the people outside your neighborhood). All peeps everywhere, really. Forget that neighborhood comment.
Playable Species: New character species for the Low Life game.
Roster: A listing of all current Whole Hole gadabouts.
The Whole Hole Benevolence Societe’: Peeps who have contributed their time, treasure, or talent to the betterment of The Whole Hole and the glob on which we wallow.

Snazz: In-game Rules, Edges, Downloads, Skills, Hindrances, Powers, and crud like that.
Edges: New Low Life Edges.
Generators: Zazzular contraptions that create random snazz (names, giggity traits, mutations,. etc…)
Goodies: FREE STUFF!!!!! (Downloads)
Hindrances: New Hindrances for the Low Life game.
Rules: New game rules.
Skills: The skills to pay the bills. Or maybe not to actually pay the bills, that’s just the go-to rhyme for the word “skills. The skills to incite thrills, maybe…

Werds: Gab-spoutings and word wigglings by Whole Hole gadabouts. Mostly poetry, short stories, personal journals, and that sort of stuff.
Logs: The personal journals of Whole Hole gadabouts.
Poetry: Doggerel, tongue sludge, rhymes, and wigglings of a versical nature.
Tales: Short stories and medium length stories and also long stories.

Zazz: The lowdown on zazz, zazz wagglers, powers, and other mystical whatnot.
Powers: New zazzular powers!
Zazz Wagglers: New Arcane Backgrounds and supplemental gab about existing ones.


Editor’s Note: If a gadabout can’t decide to which category an article should belong, that gadabout is encouraged to select multiple categories. It is, as they say, all good.

Editor’s Other Note (Out of Character): Wherever possible we try to remain in character, presenting articles as if they are actually written by our representative gadabout. Sometimes that’s just not possible or reasonable (as in the case of game rules and such), but please stick to it as much as you can.


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