Living Low Questionable Hindrances

So, after looking at the Character Creation rules, I noticed that there is no reference to Hindrances that could lead to being issues. After looking through the books I have compiled this list with my rational of why I think these hindrances should be limited/ banned from Living Low.

*this really isn’t ready to be a public post and probably shouldn’t be public, it is for our (andy thom me) benefit.


Mistaken Identity (Major)- If it is taken as a minor hindrance it is fine. As the hindrance is written, it makes your character the spitting image of a bad guy.  This hindrance just doesn’t work with the scope of different games and gms.

Savage Worlds Deluxe:

Vow: a hindrance like this is normally taken in games where the gm can work it in story line. In this set up there isn’t really any point to this hindrance.

Code of Honor: another vague hindrance. This hindrance is of no use unless it can be set up in a campaign where there is a DEFINED set of what a character will and will not do.

Outsider: In this type of campaign, where characters can be changing location every session, this hindrance means nothing, especially in a world as diverse as Low Life.

Phobia: This can either be a situation that the player uses something useless and really hard to find (unicorns) or they choose a phobia that allows the player to ruin the play experience of the rest of the party.

Delusional: Same as Phobia

Bloodthirsty- This hindrance can be used to give players permission to act like a dick.

Pretty much any hindrance that you can not tie definite concrete penalties should be considered questionable.