Cone of Control

Description A large waffle cone appearing device worn by Dorks when performing Neccomatic riturals
Weight 1
Cost Special
Armor 2
Range sight
Rate of Fire
Minimum Strength
Field Notes A cone of Control is made for Neccomancer initiates upon reaching Seasoned. Sould the Neccomancer it was made for die, the cone crumbles into a delicious snack.
Cones of Control are used to allow Neccomancers to have telepathic control over there creations, most notably Necco-Golems. This cone can also be used to give more complex comands to summoned contaminants, and to try to control another Neccomancers creation.
This is an opposed spirit challenge, with the winner controlling the neccomatic creature. If the winner succeeds with a raise, the opposing neccomancer is shaken.
Reported By Zlozz Kirpanksi