The Dark Order of Neccomancers

The Dark Order of Neccomancers

All serve the Wyrm! HAIL GUMMY!

Field Notes

Deep in the Underwhere, Dorks perform dark rituals serving an artifact of the way, way back. GUMMY the wyrm gives its faithful access to the secrets of SUCRROSE. Contaminant worshipers of of GUMMY have there zazz altered to show their allegiance to their sugary savior. Any contaminant cast by a Neccomancer takes the form of Gummy Bares, Gummy Frogs, and Gummy Spiders. Advanced Neccomancers have the ability to summon dreaded Necco Golems, with their panultimate ability being the creation of Giant Necco-draco large sugary winged creature skeletons with long necks, tails and sharp teeth and claws.


The Neccocomicon


Mostly their teeth (poor dental care)


Not forwarding the corrupting power of sugar, sharing the secrets of Neccomancy to non Dorks.

Reported by Zlozz Kirpanski

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