Low Life Products


Here’s a list of Low Life products you can nab, or will be able to nab soon.*



Roleplaying Games and Related Products

Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly RPG (Savage Worlds)
Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly – ReDredged (Savage Worlds, coming soon)
The Whole Hole – A Gadabout’s Guide to Mutha Oith – Volume 01: Keister Island
The Low Life Boss Blocker (GM Screen) (coming soon)
The Whole Hole – A Gadabout’s Guide to Mutha Oith – Volume 02: Holy Crap (coming soon)
Low Brow High Adventure (Low Life Fiction Anthology, coming soon)
Low Life MisAdventure Deck (coming soon)

Card Games

Dementalism: An Ingenious Game of Ingenious Ingeniousnessness
Dementalism Expansion 01: The Garden of Smellemental Glee
Dementalism Expansion 02: Holy Crap
Dementalism Expansion 03: Flop, Slop, & Sop

G’Zoink – The Great Giggity Gigging Galavant (coming soon)
G’Zoink – Chunderstorm (Drinking Game Expansion, coming soon)
G’Zoink – Expansion 01 (coming soon)
G’Zoink – Expansion 02 (coming soon)

Deck on Oith – Low Life Playing Cards (coming soon)

Other Games

Slogpile (coming soon)
Low Brawl (coming soon)

Low Life Miniatures

Angry Ubgunsker
Byulunculus the Vigilant
Corpulent Sludge
Occifer Gleech
Pandalope the Panderer
Scarier Ass Mutha
Sunny Hindquarters
The Guy With the Killin’ Stick
The Mysterious One-Eyed Croach
The Sockstrosity
Trozzgoxx the Lobe
Ubb Gubertinct
Umber Cuke (nipper)
Unctious Pwoof
Walloping Krong
Male Flew
Female Flew
Male Snell
Female Snell
Male Funguy
Many more (coming soon)

The Lowlies (Handmade Low Life Plushies)

Giant Slog
Umber Cuke
Umber Cuke Fleece Hat
Those Weird Little Slug-Like Things That Keep Showing Up in All the Pictures
Sack o’ Slugs

Assorted Othernesses

Low Life Collectible Buttons
Low Life Bennies
Low Life Clamsacks
Custom Low Life Dice
Dementalism Play Mat
Oithling Challenge Coin
Original Artwork

Low Life Jazz on Society6 (custom everything imaginable)
Low Life Jazz on RedBubble (even more custom everything)

*Soon is a relative term. I’m working as fast as I can.