The Hareian True Faith

Motto Hail Sig!
Field Notes

In the way, way back, Hareians used to live in the overwhere. They enjoyed all the things that updwellers enjoyed. Then the Smelves and their allies forced the leader and his people down into the Underwhere. At one point it felt, to the Hareians at least that all of Oith was against them. Being so oppressed they fled their ancient home and entered the underwhere via a hole in the top of the Oith. Many Hareians died in the travels, from the constant harrying of the smelves and the peeps that joined them.
The Hareians were able to escape in the cold of the top of Oith, then the warm of the hollow Oith, where the Hareians grew and multiplied. During times there was a great rumbling above, and during the generations, Hareians came to domesticate the terrible reptiles which roamed the underwhere. The terrible reptiles must have been so mean from walking all the time and having pains in their feets and legs. They call these creatures Dyna.

The great leader who lead his people to the underwhere, and taught them to live ascended to godhood, where he presides over their underground burrows, homes, and their silky coats. He is known as the Mine Furrer or sometimes as Sig durning religous meetings, and all devout Hareians await the day that he gives the signal to return to the surface and smite the ones responsible for their exile, taking their rightful place as superior beings and rulers of the Oith.

Virtures: Neatness, punctuality, simplification of the complex.

Symbol 4 mining picks all joined at the handle to make a cross
Sins Not keeping immaculately groomed, allowing your home and burrow to fall into disrepair, not striving
Reported By Zlozz Kirpanksi