Pressgang (by crudeboy)

Run by a former slave who managed to earn his freedom through a self-written and self-published newsletter distributed to the other slaves in his stable. Originally focused on things like what bugs and toe fungus were edible, and tips on decorating one’s soup bowl and bed of filth. Eventually spread to other slave pits and subsequently to their owners. Creator was eventually able to earn himself a slightly better position in his owner’s household in return for a cut of the profits and an expanded reader base. It was further divided into different departments (health and beauty, food, etc.) and has basically grown into an information racket. “Journalists” are usually shanghaied in local bars, docks and brothels, drug off to the office, and forced to work under the constant supervision of their personal “editor”. The editor’s job generally involves beating and insulting a print-worthy piece out of the guy with the pen.