A Little off the Top Living Low Adventure 2


As the sun sets on the seventh day of their journey, the Thundarr Down Undarr
drops anchor nearby the city of Somewhat Unusual. The Players and krew head to
town to get a wee bit of RnR, but the normally taciturn Hamster Ranchers are
downright crotchety! An Umber cuke from the near by Mungepiles has been raiding
the ranches on the outskirts of town and has developed a taste for Peep-meat!


A Little of the Top (One-Sheet Adventure)
Living Low Adventure 3 – by Phyllin MacKrakinNabit


A Little off the Top Map Set

150 dpi (1500 x 3000px), 1″ = 5′, 5′ squares

75 dpi (750 x 1500px), 1″ = 5′, 5′ squares


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