Soggy Bottom

Region Phuccal Region
Field Notes The portion of Phuccal connected to the Keister of Gawd is known by the locals as “The Soggy Bottom”. The Soggy bottom is a peninsular shelf partially under the Keister which is made up of very porous squishy sponge stones, and is an excellent source of salvage, all that fall from above ends up at the soggy bottom. No permanent dwellings are located on the Soggy Bottom, but many are located around it in the protective darkness.
Rules If a wild card rolls snake eyes on any dice roll (except damage) while in the Soggy Bottom, they have been hit by the constant pattering of detritus that makes Soggy Bottom such an excellent (and dangerous) scavenging location. The damage of the object which hits the character is equal to the non-wild die that they rolled. This damage can not ace more than once. For non wild card characters, if they roll a 1, they reroll, if the second die roll is also a 1, then the effects above occur.
Reported By Zlozz Kirpanksi