Phuccal Region

Field Notes Deep beneath the bowls of Oith is the Phuccal region. This region is dark, like “DANG, I can’t see shiz down here, you know!”

Light (when available) comes from phosphorescent, slow moving slug like creatures which emit a warm blue green glow. (it is said that relatives of this slug, called a phomb, have migrated to the above lands, where they have lost there ability to glow but flourish. These relatives of the plook have a way of interjecting themselves into any picture being taken around them. But this could be backwards)

The domminent form of sentient being in the Phuccal region are Hareians.

Phuccal is a decent sized region, about twice the area of Keister Island and in the deepest recesses of the Underwhere. The only known entrance is the Keister of Gawd, but that section of Phuccal is deserted due to the light bothering mostPhuccals inhabitants. many tunnels connect Phuccal to the upper regions of the Underwhere. These areas are typically identified by a lack of Underwhere denizens, and a stronger suffidic odor (It is empty and stanky). Among the dorks, only the bravest venture down into the Phuccal. The largest city in Phuccal is the capital of the Hareians, Phucthis, which is coincidently located directly under Stan’s Rug.

Reported By Zlozz Kirpanksi