Slog, Enormo

Attributes: Agility d6 Smarts d6(A) Spirit d10 Strength d12+24 Vigor d10
Derived: Pace 6 Parry 4 Toughness 23 Charisma 0 Size 12
Skills Fighting d4, Notice d10
Special Abilities Immunities: Enormo Slogs are immune to poison and disease. They take half damage from fire and piercing weapons.

Nigh Impenetrable; Overbearing

Attacks Bite STR+8; Overbearing STR
Field Notes Ranging in size from 60 – 80 yorts in length and easily 12-14 yorts in height, these Slogs are used to make the larger, 2 Spar Slog Schooners. Not quite as aggressive as Giant / Gianter Slogs, they are still difficult to capture mainly due to their size. They can carry up to 12 strukshers and 60 yorts of cargo.
Reported By Kaptin Phyllin MacKrakin