Attributes: Agility d6 Smarts d4 Spirit d4 Strength d4 Vigor d4
Derived: Pace 4 + specia Parry 2 Toughness 4 Charisma 0 Size 0
Skills notice d4; climbing d8
Special Abilities uncommon sense- these creatures are able to know the exact location and teleport to any type of visual record bein taken, painted whatever. Phombs can teleport to this location as long as it is within 150 yorts of their location. Once three Phombs are in a location however, no othe Phombs can teleport to it, and must depend on more traditional travel.

Glow- Phombs can give off a glow that is typically a 1 yort radius. this light is enough for creatures with low light vision, and allows creatures to see, but they have typical low light penalties for any actions (still beats being blind). The better fed and cared for the brighter the Phomb is the brighter is can get to a max of a 6 yort radius around the creature.

Toxic: Phombs taste so bad Croaches won’t even eat more than one. Upon biting into or ingesting a Phomb, an IMEDIATE vigor check must be taken at -2; failure results in the creature being shaken, a result of 0 or lower results in 1 wound due to vilent retching.

Attacks none
Field Notes Phombs are small sluglike creatures who have mad the Phuccal region of the Underwhere their home. They are much smaller than slogs, with the largest known specimen measuring only 6″ (small yorts). These creatures would be wholey unremarkable except for two amazing traits. The first one is their ability to emit a soft reassuring blue green glow. This glow seems to be based on mood, dimming as they move further away from content. The second is the ability for them to show up wherever pictures are being created. A completely sealed and dark room can suddenly become well lit by the simple trick of pulling out canvas and a paint brush.
Reported By Zlozz Kirpanksi